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Getting FIT with Lans Fofana

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(Photo: Lans Fofana)

I talk alot of shit, but then you already know this. I called Lans and I told him he should train me for the week that he is in Freetown. He said okay. I went to pick him up and he had on some shorts, a white tee, and slippers.

Immediately, I started coming out the mouth….’dude u dont even have trainers on how are u gonna train me’. Despite several attempts to explain his plan of ‘5mins in and 5 mins out’ i had already made up my mind that it was rubbish.

I boasted that i could jog the length of the beach and he said ‘all i need is for u to run 10 mins, 5 mins out and 5 mins’. And I was like dude i can train all day.

After much shit talking, we made it to Lumley Beach and i parked the car. He took out his timer and told me to run for 5 minutes. I started feeling quite confident, thinking i got this. Lans jogged behind me calling out the time.

I ran for what seemed like forever and my pace started to slow down, my breathing increased, and my heart felt like it was going to explode. I thought surely its almost 5 mins and then i heard Lans yell out ‘1:25’. What? Na lie! I’ve done more than that, but he showed me the timer and i was like damn…just 1:30. For the remainder 3:30mins as i struggled all i could think was how much I regretted ever picking him up or even calling his dumb ass.

Eventually i made it to 5:00mins and i was about to pass out on the street when i heard the evil spirit yell, ‘now give me 5 mins in’. I thought of all the bad words i learned as a kid and i wanted to curse his mother. Instead i told him to shut up and i turned around to run back in the direction we had come.

A cramp started to build in my left calf and i told him. And being the ass that he is, he said ‘don’t worry it will pass when u finish’. It took 7:12 secs to complete the distance that had taken 5mins on the way out.

Then he took me to the sand and made me do all sort of painful treacherous things that i will not list here. By the end of the work out i was begging him to stop. Did he? No! Instead he said ‘oh i’m Vickie, i’m sexy’ mocking me and worked my ass some more.

When he finally said the end, i wanted to give him a big hug but instead a settled for a flash of his abs, which were very very nice.

Through all the cursing, and wishing he’d die, we made it to the end and i survived it. So, i’ll be getting FIT with Lans Fofana again tomorrow.

Dear Lans, I get it now. Thank you :-)

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